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This is a comprehensive chronology of the events that have shaped the Between the Stars universe. It will be added to as my schedule permits and stories are written.  ~ CM

** Indicates a canon event the exact date of which is unknown.

20 — Chariza born to Guinan. 

Against her mother's advice, Chariza travels to the Alpha Quadrant. Shortly after her arrival she is approached by a talent scout, and soon becomes a fashion model. It is not long before she is highly sought after across several star systems by numerous designers.

Chariza is convinced by her business manager to take up acting. Her ability to listen to others, especially directors, makes her a natural at the craft. Once again, she quickly gains popularity throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants for her roles in feature-length vids and serial programs.

Chariza breaks into the growing holodeck programming industry, taking on a number of acting roles for objective and immersive programs. The more time she spends with the programmers, the more interested she becomes in the technology.

** The Miranda-class U.S.S. Trial, NCC-1948, launches on her maiden voyage from Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.

Chariza gives up modeling and declares she will take on fewer acting roles. Her plan is to devote herself to becoming a producer and programmer of holographic programs. 

Chariza enrolls at Harvard University on Earth. Her major is holographic systems programming with a minor in computer systems technology.

** Darsha Nah'tiel, pregnant with her first child, is one of 47 El-Aurian refugees saved by Montgomery Scott and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise-B when the S.S. Lakul and S.S. Robert Fox are caught in a spatial energy ribbon that would later be called the Nexus.

Guinan is reunited with her daughter Chariza following the Enterprise-B's return to Earth. The reunion is overshadowed by both the tension under which Chariza left home and Guinan's lingering desire to return to the Nexus.

8 — Kateran Nah'teil born to Darsha Nah'tiel In St. Petersberg, Russia on Earth.

9 — The Khitomer Accords—a declaration of peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire—are signed on the planet Khitomer, making the two interstellar powers allies.

Chariza graduates from Harvard University. She immediately begins writing her own holoprograms and selling them for fair prices. Her business manager tells her she could make millions if she raised her prices, but she refuses, saying she wants everyone to be able to afford her programs. Chariza also reduces her acting to only two or three projects a year.

1 — Chariza naturalizes as a Federation citizen. 

Darsha Nah'tiel marries Mikhail Drakomavitch. Her new husband formally adopts Kateran.

25 — Jiraz born to Parex and Gressa on Denobula.

19 — Dilik Zram born to Cheko and Golbrea Zram on Bolarus IX.

5 — Silmar born to Soval and T'Par in Shri'kahr on Vulcan.

Jiraz enters Starfleet Academy. He begins training at the San Francisco campus on Earth.

Jiraz graduates from Starfleet Academy.

Jiraz begins post-graduate medical studies at Starfleet Medical Academy.

27 — Lindze T'Nell Hollis born to David Hollis and T'Nora in Lothlórien on New Middle Earth.

** 13 — Gilora Rejal born on Cardassia Prime.

Jiraz graduates from Starfleet Medical Academy. He is promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade and assigned to the U.S.S. Stargazer as an assistant medical officer. He meets Jean-Luc Picard and the two become friends.

Jiraz is promoted to Lieutenant. He becomes Chief Medical Officer upon the departure of his predecessor to another assignment.

5 — Margherita Jimena Mendoza born to Javier and Jimena Mendoza on Mars. Her family would affectionately call her Maggie.

4 — Eton Kirek born to Jeron and Nava Kirek on Cardassia Prime.

16 — Dominic Alessandro DeLuca born to H'Gaar and Dominica DeLuca on Qo'noS. Dominica suffers complications during the birth and later dies, though not before making her husband promise to love their son as she would have loved him. H'Gaar agrees, though when he discovers his son bears no saggital crest as a result of the long-dormant Augment Virus, he abandons him to the care of his wife's brother Marcello. Marcello takes the newborn to Earth to raise him, naming him Dominic in honor of mother he would never know.

Jiraz marries Tezel, the first of his three wives. 

Dilik Zram enlists in Starfleet. Within a few weeks his potential is recognized by his training officers and he is encouraged to attend the Academy proper. Zram refuses, citing that "The enlisted man is the backbone of every military organization."

17 — Khalla born to K'Ehlorra on Khitomer.

1 — Lexis Serri born to Rhys and Ytaxa Serri on Betazed.

15 — Jordan Tyler Kelley born to Robert and Laurel Kelley in Miami, Florida on Earth.

23 — Grafydd and Gryfudd born to Darfydd and Verra on Terellius.

Silmar enters Starfleet Academy at the Shri'kahr Campus on Vulcan. His intellect and skill come to the attention of Starfleet Intelligence, and he is recruited into their ranks.

8 — Synnove Natale born to Zaddo Natale and one of his concubines, a slave girl named Arwa, on Verex III.

Jiraz marries Prezza, the second of his three wives. 

3 — Roijiana born to Johnari on Cort.

Jiraz is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Enforcers from a rival organization crash the birthday party of one-year-old Synnove Natale. They are shot and killed as they attempt to abscond with the infant—this would be the first of several attempts to kidnap her.

18 — Rokha Tyrel born to Rathe and Jolie Tyrel on Verex III.

Jiraz marries Kizzi, his third wife. 

31 — Anjali born in Galileo Commune on Calais. She is one of seven female children created via illegal genetic engineering by Dr. Devaki Singh, a descendant of infamous eugenics criminal Khan Noonien Singh. The girls have identical facial features but the DNA of each is a combination of different—and most normally incompatible—species with psionic gifts.

Silmar graduates from Starfleet Academy. His career with Starfleet Intelligence would span 25 years.

27 — Rotoru Malaui Maugatai born to Frederic and Cornelia Maugatai in Rotorua, New Zealand on Earth. 

14 — Lindze Hollis marries Joshua Taylor.

5 — Thalios ch'Tharian born to Petor and Divva ch'Tharian on Andor.

5 — Lindze and Josh welcome a daughter, Brooke Maria.

Folara Haro born to Ramal and Thona Haro on Setlik III.

8 — Syriah Nir'ahn born to Shivar and Talla Nir'ahn on Andor.

** Romulans, with the aid of Klingon traitor Ja'rod, attack the colony at Khitomer. Nearly all of the 4,000 colonists are killed before the Federation starship U.S.S. Intrepid is able to respond to the colony's distress call. Three-year-old Khalla is discovered underneath her mother's body by a member of the Intrepid crew. An investigation later determines that her father is H'Gaar; he takes the toddler in and she is raised by his second wife along with their other children.

9 — Darien Serri born to Rhys and Ytaxa Serri on Betazed.

** The Federation-Cardassian Wars begin.

12 — Kratul born to Slad and Garta on Gdhar II.

Citing "irreconcilable differences", Joshua Taylor files for divorce from his wife. In truth, their marriage began to fall apart months before when he realized Lindze had not given up her plan to enter Starfleet.

Jiraz is promoted to Commander.

1 — Lindze Hollis enters Starfleet Academy. She studies at the Dublin Campus located in Dublin, Ireland on Earth. The same day Lindze begins training, her divorce from Joshua is finalized.

The Stargazer successfully engages a Cardassian battlecruiser in the first of many engagements during the Cardassian Wars.

Cardassian forces launch a sneak attack on the Federation colony located on Setlik III, erroneously believing the site to be a staging ground for a massive Federation attack. More than 100 civilians are killed in what would become known as the Setlik III Massacre, including Golbrea Zram and Thona Zram-Haro.

Overcome with grief after the loss of his wife, Ramal Haro takes his own life. Dilik Zram takes custody of his niece and raises her as his own daughter.

Gilora Rejal begins post-secondary education at a university on Cardassia.

Andon Vehl born to Beron Tahl and Lynora Vehl on Trill.

Silmar promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade.

Crew members from the Trial, on a layover at Calais, take notice of Anjali and her "sisters". The Captain orders a covert investigation of the so-called scientific commune and discovers the truth of the girls' origin. An arrest warrant is issued for Devaki Singh, but she disappears before she can be taken into custody. Three of the seven girls are also discovered to be missing.

Anjali is separated from her remaining sisters and quietly adopted into a Halanan family. She vows that some day she will find and reunite with them all.

14 — Ryan Christopher Bennington born to Chester and Karen Bennington in Greenwood on Terra Nova.

12 — Vixak born to Ulik and Ota on Althos IV.

The Trial successfully engages a Cardassian patrol ship at Selva.

10 — Maiandra Tyrel born to Rathe and Jolie Tyrel on Verex III.

19 — Jacen Faris born to Tevin and Olia Faris on Trill.

Lindze Hollis graduates from Starfleet Academy. She is assigned to the Oberth-class U.S.S. Copernicus in the Stellar Cartography department.

Gilora Rejal graduates from university. She takes a position as a researcher with Cardassian Science Ministry, specializing in subspace studies.

Maggie Mendoza begins college at the University of Mars. She majors in pre-med.

Silmar experiences the blood fever of pon farr for the first time. He is mated with his promised bride, V'Lann, on Vulcan.

16 — Saavedra born to Naadir and Hidaara on Anaar.

Eton Kirek enlists with the Cardassian Guard.

29 — Sylari and Tahir born to Silmar and V'Lann in Li'shar on Vulcan.

23 — Makke Shonn born to Makke Jero and Garina in Brand Province on Bajor.

Lindze Hollis is promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade.

15 — Felicity Ann Bowman born to Ronald and Emma Bowman in London, England on Earth.

9 — Charlaine Christina Tucker born to Thomas and Cora Tucker in Red Spot on Titan.

Silmar is promoted to Lieutenant.

Maggie Mendoza begins medical school, majoring in multi-species medicine and minoring in pediatrics.

** The Stargazer, now under the command of Jean-Luc Picard, makes a gesture of truce by lowering shields in front of a Cardassian warship. The Cardassians forcefully reject this show of good faith by attacking, and though weapons and impulse engines are disabled, the beleaguered Starfleeet vessel manages to flee to safety.

Maggie Mendoza graduates in the top 25th percentile of her class at university. She is accepted into the Yvette Picard Medical School.

** The Stargazer is attacked by a vessel of unknown origin in the Maxia Zeta system. Although Captain Picard and his crew manage to destroy the aggressor with a tactic later known as the Picard Maneuver, they are forced to abandon ship as Stargazer had become inoperable due to severe damage and fire.

Following the loss of the Stargazer, Jiraz returns to Denobula, where he takes a post as Chief of Staff at the Starfleet Command field office medical center. He is promoted to Captain.

While preparing for bed one night, Synnove Natale hears her parents arguing in her father's office and decides to eavesdrop. She is horrified to learn that her father has agreed to give her hand in marriage to another Orion crime lord in order to expand his own influence. Later, when her father has gone to sleep, she informs her mother of her desire to run away from home and begs her mother to join her. Arwa declines to leave, fearing reprisal from Zaddo, but gives her daughter her blessing.

Natale stows away onboard a cargo freighter bound for Earth, the Rhapsody Rabbit Gavilán. Shortly after takeoff she is discovered and made to work in exchange for her passage. The captain of the ship, Tabatha Chase, takes the teen under her wing and promises no harm will come to her when she hears why the young Orion ran away, even going so far as to offer her a permanent place on the crew. Natale politely declines, citing a desire to enter Starfleet Academy.

Captain Chase gives her passenger enough money to get by for a week. The young woman spends a lot of time around the San Francisco campus of Starfleet Academy trying to get up the courage to approach one of the officers there to ask for help in gaining sponsorship. Eventually she is noticed by Boothby, the academy groundskeeper, and he says he will introduce her to the admissions officer himself if she'll help him with his work. She agrees, and it is at this time that she develops a fondness for gardening. Even after Boothby keeps his promise and she gains sponsorship, Natale remains in his employ as an assistant through the end of the summer.

On her 18th birthday, Lexis Serri joins Starfleet's enlisted ranks. 

Fifteen year old Rokha Tyrel runs away with five year old Maiandra to V'ores'katul to save his sister from a life of slavery.

Synnove Natale enters Starfleet Academy. She begins her training at the San Francisco campus, where she continues to assist Boothby with his gardening whenever she has free time.

Jordan Kelley enters Starfleet Academy, following in the footsteps of six generations of Kelleys before him. He opts for the campus in Sarasota, Florida.

Grafydd attains sponsorship and enters Starfleet Academy. He begins his training in Marseille, France.

Brian Wallace enters Starfleet Academy. He begins his training at the San Francisco campus.

Upon completion of the 10-week training program for enlistees, Lexis Serri is assigned to the U.S.S. Lakota as a computer systems technician.

Having hidden money away for many years, Johnari buys her daughter's freedom from their master and encourages Roijiana to pursue a life far from their home. The young woman is reluctant to leave her mother behind, but the lure of the stars ignites a wanderlust within her and she says goodbye, both to her mother and her homeworld.

Having achieved sponsorship, Roijiana enters Starfleet Academy. She begins her training at the Noza Campus on Betazed.

While exiting from a nightclub, Synnove Natale is accosted by two Orion men who attempt to take her with them. A young Human male assists her in escaping. The two young people become fast friends, especially when Natale learns that Brian Wallace is also a Starfleet cadet.

Lindze Hollis transfers to the Excelsior-class U.S.S. Columbia as a mission specialist in quantum mechanics.

Following the end of his sophomore year, Jordan Kelley begins a relationship with his former physics professor, a Vulcan by the name of Patel.

Lindze Hollis is promoted to Lieutenant.

Maggie Mendoza graduates from medical school and joins a private family practice in her hometown on Mars.

Lexis Serri is promoted to Crewman 2nd Class.

Columbia is dispatched to the edge of Breen territory to rendezvous with Starfleet Intelligence officer Commander Jackson Regan. Regan had acquired the preliminary blueprints for a new weapon the Breen were developing; he was pursued by a Breen attack ship and a battle ensued between the two vessels. Columbia—under Lieutenant Hollis' temporary command—drives the Breen ship off, but not before being crippled.

Jackson Regan, because Hollis refused to cede command to him following the incapacitation of Columbia's Captain, files charges of misconduct against her. The incident review by the Office of Professional Conduct concludes that Lindze acted within regulations and the charges are dismissed.

When Columbia is declared a loss, the ship is scuttled for parts. Lindze Hollis takes a leave of absence from Starfleet to reconnect with her daughter. She maintains her credentials by joining a team of Starfleet scientists studying the binary stars of her home planet's star system.

Jackson Regan travels to New Middle Earth seeking to become reacquainted with Lindze Hollis. Despite the tension of their first meeting, the two agree to start over as friends. It is not long after that they formally begin dating.

Rathe Tyrel locates his children on V'ores'katul. He attempts to leave with Maiandra and an altercation ensues between him and Rokha in which the younger man believes he has killed his father. Fearing reprisal from his father's minions, Rokha barters passage for himself and Maiandra to Earth.

Eton Kirek is ordered to undertake officer training.

Rokha Tyrel attains sponsorship and is admitted to Starfleet Academy. He begins his training at the Queensland campus in Australia on Earth.

Professor Patel, at age 40, enters his first pon farr. He travels to Vulcan to seek relief from the fever; while there he is convinced to mate with his pre-arranged bride, M'Far. Jordan Kelley is devastated when Patel informs him that he intends to be faithful to his new wife.

Silmar is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Synnove Natale graduates from Starfleet Academy. She is assigned to the U.S.S. Montana as a junior security officer.

Brian Wallace graduates from Starfleet Academy. He is assigned to the U.S.S. Montana as a junior security officer.

Eton Kirek completes the officer training course.

Jordan Kelley graduates from Starfleet Academy. He is assigned to the U.S.S. Copernicus as a junior security officer.

Grafydd graduates from Starfleet Academy and is posted to Space Station K-7 as an engineering power systems technician.

Anjali enters Starfleet Academy. She trains at the campus in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Earth.

Rotoru Maugatai enters Starfleet Academy. He begins his training at the Wellington Campus in New Zealand.

Lexis Serri transfers to the Starfleet Academy campus in Shri'khar on Vulcan, where she works as a holographic systems engineer. She is promoted to Crewman 1st Class.

8 — Lindze Hollis marries Jackson Regan.

Lindze Regan is assigned to Miranda-class U.S.S. Columbia as Senior Science Officer.

The Montana has a layover at K-7. Synnove Natale and Brian Wallace strike up a friendship with Grafydd.

Roijiana graduates Starfleet Academy. She is assigned to the U.S.S. Aegolius Harrier as a junior counselor.

Lindze Regan is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Grafydd is promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade.

Jordan Kelley is promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade.

19 — Brooke Taylor, Lindze Regan's daughter, gives birth to her own daughter, whom she names Andreya Shae.

24 — Lindze gives birth to her second child—another daughter, whom she and Jackson name Shannon Talyra.

Brian Wallace is promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade.

Synnove Natale is promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade.

Maggie Mendoza marries Miguel Garcia.

Rokha Tyrel graduates from Starfleet Academy. He is assigned as a junior security officer on Jupiter Station.

1 — Lindze Regan's daughter Brooke marries Liam Jacobsen.

Thalios ch'Tharian enters Starfleet Academy.

Lexis Serri is promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class. She transfers to the Copernicus Fleet Yards as a computer systems technician and holographic systems programmer. 

Anjali graduates from Starfleet Academy with honors. She is assigned as an assistant counselor at the Fairview Clinic on Betazed.

Rotoru Maugatai graduates from Starfleet Academy. He is assigned to the U.S.S. Harrison as a warp propulsion systems technician.

Roijiana earns her Ph.D. and is promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade.

Syriah Nir'ahn enters a prestigious university on Andor, majoring in political science. Her parents expect her to become a politician.

Darien Serri enters Starfleet Academy. He begins his training at the Noza Campus on Betazed.

The U.S.S. Enterprise-D meets with DaiMon Bok of the Ferengi Alliance, who presents Jean-Luc Picard—the "Hero of Maxia"—with a gift: the Stargazer, which the Ferengi claim they found adrift in space. Bok's plan to use an illegal "thought maker" as an act of revenge against Picard is foiled, and the Stargazer is towed to Xendi Starbase 9 for inspection.

7 — Lindze Regan becomes a grandmother for the second time. Brooke and Liam welcome a son, Emmett Liam.

Brian Wallace is promoted to Lieutenant. He becomes Assistant Chief of Security on the Montana.

Jordan Kelley is promoted to Lieutenant.

7 — Maggie and Miguel Garcia welcome their first child, a boy named Enrique Ignacio. 

Synnove Natale is promoted to Lieutenant. She transfers to the U.S.S. Sheffield as Assistant Chief of Security.

On his birthday, Rokha Tyrel is promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade.

Grafydd is promoted fo Lieutenant.

Starfleet sends the U.S.S. Saratoga to Mariposa to look in on the Mariposa colony. They are also to propose a joint operation between Starfleet and the colony which would create jobs for years to come: the building of a shipyard. The Mariposans agree and the plan is put into motion.

Construction of a starbase and drydock facilities for the Mariposa Fleet Yards begins. Space frames are started on the planet's surface in tandem with the orbital platforms.

Lindze Regan is promoted to Commander.

Rotoru Maugatai is promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade.

Upgrades to the Stargazer are completed, and the ship is appointed limited duties within the Sol System.

Columbia responds to Borg incursion at Wolf 359 and is among the 39 starships destroyed by the Borg cube. Lindze Regan is one of 140 survivors out of a crew of 360. All survivors of the tragedy are awarded the first Borg Engagement Ribbon for their endurance.

V'Lann, wife of Silmar, perishes on the Kyushu at Wolf 359. Silmar is nearly killed by the abrupt severance of their mating bond, though he is saved with the assistance of longtime friend and fellow SI operative Jackson Regan. He takes a leave of absence to spend time with his children on Vulcan.

The U.S.S. Sheffield is lost at Wolf 359; Synnove Natale is one of the few survivors. She takes a post at the Starfleet Command Complex on Mars as Assistant Chief of Security.

Lindze Regan becomes a professor of quantum mechanics at the prestigious Vulcan Science Academy.

Roijiana is promoted to Lieutenant. She transfers to Starbase 101 as Senior Counselor.

2 — Lindze Regan gives birth to her third child, a son she and her husband name Jackson Mark Regan II.

Silmar transfers to the Command division of Starfleet and is assigned as First Officer of the U.S.S. Maryland.

Ryan Bennington enlists with the Federation Marine Corps immediately following his high school graduation. His proficiency with weapons and his natural leadership skills lead his base CO to recommend him to Officer Candidate School.

Thalios ch'Tharian graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to Jupiter Station as a security officer.

Anjali earns her Ph.D and is promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade. She transfers to the U.S.S. Hemingway as an assistant counselor.

Ryan Bennington is accepted to OCS. He will spend four years in the program in order to earn the degree required for all leadership positions.

Rokha Tyrel is promoted to Lieutenant. He transfers to Starbase 212 as a tactical advisor.

Chariza enters Starfleet Academy under the name Chariza Guinan. She begins her training at the London Campus in London, England, where she takes a liking to the accent of the locals. After just a few days she picks it up herself, and soon is indistinguishable from a Londoner.

Vixak enters Starfleet Academy. He begins training at the Parso Campus on Alpha Centauri.

The Starfleet Corps of Engineers begins construction of the Wolf 359 Memorial Fleet Yards. Work on the Regula-class starbase and orbital construction platforms goes on around the clock.

Rotoru Maugatai is promoted to Lieutenant.

Syriah Nir'ahn graduates from Altor University on Andor. She surprises her parents by immediately entering the Federation Marine Corps OCS, graduating from the 10-week program as a 2nd Lieutenant and posted to the 502nd Marine Corps Expeditionary Force's 13th Platoon.

Darien Serri graduates from Starfleet Academy. He is assigned to the Wolf 359 Memorial Shipyards as a construction engineer.

Rotoru Maugatai is promoted to Lieutenant. Two weeks after his promotion, he marries his longtime girlfriend, Malina Santoro.

Anjali is promoted to Lieutenant and transfers to the U.S.S. Adirondack as an assistant counselor.

Thalios ch'Tharian is promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade. He transfers to the Stargazer as a junior security officer.

Jordan Kelley transfers to the U.S.S. Lexington as Chief of Security.

The Regula-class station set to act as Yard Control for the Mariposa Fleet Yards nears completion. Three of the orbital platforms are completed and space frames are lifted into orbit via tractor beam to continue construction.

Jacen Faris enters Starfleet Academy. He begins his training at the San Francisco campus on Earth.

Kratul attains spponsorship and is admitted to Starfleet Academy. He begins his training at the San Francisco campus on Earth. He and Jacen Faris are roommates.

Lexis Serri is promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class.

The Cardassian intelligence agency, the Obsidian Order, awakens the clone of Alexander Locksley, one of their freelance operatives.

Jacen Faris' skill in the cockpit receives high praise, and gains the attention of a high-ranking officer in the Starfighter Corps. The Captain encourages him to join their ranks once he graduates.

Rokha Tyrel transfers to the U.S.S. San Francisco as Assistant Chief of Security. 

Syriah Nir'ahn is promoted to 1st Lieutenant.

Synnove Natale transfers to the Galaxy-class U.S.S. Georgetown as Chief of Security.

Ji'raz retires from Starfleet and begins a part-time medical practice.

Silmar is promoted to Commander.

29 — Maggie and Miguel Garcia welcome their second child, a daughter they name Amantina Esmerelda.

Saavedra attains sponsorship and is admitted to Starfleet Academy, becoming only the second R'naari to seek admittance. Her training begins at the Shri'kahr Campus on Vulcan.

Jordan Kelley is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Darien Serri is promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade.

Grafydd is promoted to Lieutenant Commander. He transfers to Starbase 51 as Chief Engineer.

8 — Lindze and Jackson Regan welcome their third child, a son they name Brandon Hollis, on their tenth wedding anniversary.

The Wolf 359 Memorial Shipyards are completed more than a year ahead of schedule. Spaceframes for various starships in the first and second stages of construction are towed to the yard for completion.

Darien Serri is assigned as a fuel systems engineer for a Nebula-class starship.

The U.S.S. Voyager is dispatched to the Badlands on a mission to intercept and capture a Maquis raider. Contact is lost after several hours. Unknown to Starfleet, Voyager has been drawn across the galaxy by an alien entity they come to know as the Caretaker. 

Jennara Stadi senses the death of her twin sister Mirani, Voyager's pilot, via a unique telepathic bond they share. Within a few weeks, she begins to hear her sister's voice when under great stress, the voice often giving her advice or attempting to soothe her.

8 — The Defiant-class U.S.S. Triumph, NCC-74508, launches on her maiden voyage from the Beta Antares Fleet Yards on the 426th anniversary of the end of World War II, a conflict in Earth's history. Lindze Regan is promoted to Captain and given command of the vessel, which is assigned to the Seventh Fleet.

Brian Wallace is promoted to Lieutenant Commander. He transfers to the U.S.S. Triumph as Chief of Security.

Ryan Bennington graduates from Marine Corps OCS. He is posted to the 502nd Marine Corps Expeditionary Force's 13th Platoon, where he meets Syriah Nir'ahn. 

Chariza Guinan graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the U.S.S. Lexington as a holographic systems technician.

Vixak graduates from Starfleet Academy. He transfers to Earth to begin post-graduate medical studies at Johns Hopkins University. 

Gilora Rejal and Ulani Belor work with Starfleet officers from Deep Space Nine in establishing a communications relay between the Alpha Quadrant and the Gamma Quadrant. Rejal is instrumental in exposing a third associate, Dejar, as an operative of the Obsidian Order who had been sent to sabotage the mission.

Due to difficulty in leaving her young sons behind, Lindze Regan transfers to the Wolf 359 Memorial Shipyards, where she takes over as project leader for a Nebula-class starship. Upon her arrival, she learns that the ship is to become the next Columbia

Makke Shonn attains sponsorship and is admitted to Starfleet Academy. He begins his studies at the Sarasota Campus in Florida.

Sylari enters Starfleet Academy. She begins her training at the Tycho City Campus on Luna.

The decimation of the Cardassian-Romulan fleet by Dominion forces at the Battle of the Omarion Nebula severs the clone's tie to his Obsidian Order control officer, essentially making him a free man. The clone, who takes the name Alok, searches for Alex Locksley and confronts him. After a long and violent fight which leaves the two bruised, bloody, and exhausted, Alok is convinced by Alex that he was unaware his clone had become sentient.

Alok and Alex Locksley team up as freelance spies for hire.

The Trial, along with the U.S.S. Venture and two Excelsior-class starships, aids Deep Space Nine in repelling an attack by a Klingon task force of about 50 ships in the first major engagement of the Federation-Klingon War.

Roijiana is promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Starfleet Intelligence recruits her to assist in a covert operation, in which her objective is to infiltrate the Maquis and build a psychological profile that Starfleet Command can use to vet out potential defectors to the rebels' cause. 

After just a few weeks in the company of an enigmatic Bajoran Maquis cell leader, Roijiana abandons her mission and devotes herself to their cause. She and Temmar Kenn, a former vedek, soon become lovers.

Synnove Natale is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Anjali is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Jacen Faris is assigned to the Wolf 359 Memorial Shipyards to fly starfighter patrols for his field study.

Charlaine Tucker enters Starfleet Academy. She begins her training at the Tycho City Campus on Luna.

Felicity Bowman enters Starfleet Academy. She begins her training at the London Campus in London, England on Earth.

Syriah Nir'ahn is promoted to Captain.

Thalios ch'Tharian is promoted to Lieutenant.

Temmar Kenn makes plans to destroy a Cardassian munitions depot, hoping to weaken their ability to fight the Maquis on the ground. The day of the mission, Roijiana awakens with a feeling of foreboding, and tells Temmar that she fears the raid will go badly. He dismisses her fears and refuses to heed her warning, moving forward with the operation; all but three of the cell members are killed in the attack, including Temmar. Roijiana is one of the survivors, and is taken to a Cardassian prison camp—where she is beaten and raped on a regular basis.

17  The Sovereign-class U.S.S. Ireland, NCC-29808-C, launches on her maiden voyage from the Copernicus Fleet Yards under the command of Captain Jerome Callahan on St. Patrick's Day. They are assigned to the Fifth Fleet.

Roijiana is among several former Maquis released into Federation custody in a prisoner exchange with the Cardassians. In spite of her suffering, she is soon tried and convicted of dereliction of duty and committing acts of terrorism, and is sentenced to serve ten years in the New Zealand Penal Colony.

12 — The Nebula-class U.S.S. Columbia, NCC-75102, launches on her maiden voyage from Wolf 359 Memorial Shipyards on under the command of Lindze Regan. Silmar is requested by Regan to take the position of First Officer.

Darien Serri is promoted to Lieutenant. He is assigned to Columbia as fuel systems management supervisor and his older sister, Lexis, is assigned as a holographic systems technician. 

Anjali is assigned to Columbia as Ship's Counselor. 

Rokha Tyrel transfers to Columbia as the ship's Tactical Officer and is promoted to Lieutenant Commander. His sister Maiandra is hired by Captain Regan to manage the officers' lounge. Maiandra soon proposes turning the lounge into a nightclub on the weekends and renaming the lounge Club Ten.

Chariza Guinan is promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade and assigned as Senior Operations Officer of Columbia

A compliment of six Valkyrie-class starfighters is assigned to Columbia. Jacen Faris is one of the pilots assigned to the squadron. 

Rotoru Maugatai transfers to Columbia as Assistant Chief Engineer.  

Captain Regan receives a message from Deep Space Nine's Jadzia Dax informing her of the final resting place of the NX-02 Columbia, which disappeared more than 200 years before. The crash site is a planet in the Gamma Quadrant, though neither crew is able to investigate due to the breakout of the Dominion War. 

Jacen Faris graduates from Starfleet Academy. He remains aboard Columbia as a member of the starfighter squadron, nicknamed the Wild Angels.

Kratul graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to Jupiter Station as a junior security officer.

Ryan Bennington is promoted to first Lieutenant.

Saavedra is assigned to Columbia for her field study asa medical technician.

** Hostilities between the Dominion, the Federation, and their allies reach a boiling point, and the Dominion War begins.

Numerous capital starships with the ability to accommodate them are assigned platoons of Marines to compliment their security teams. The 502nd's 13th Platoon is posted to the Columbia.

Jordan Kelley is hand-picked by Admiral William Ross to serve as a tactical advisor on Starbase 375.

Starfleet Command convinces Jiraz to come out of retirement. He is posted to Starbase 375's field hospital as Chief of Trauma. 

The Seventh Fleet is decimated in a battle with Dominion forces at Tyra; out of 112 ships, only 14 return to Federation lines. The Triumph loses nearly half their crew in the battle, and Brian Wallacethough badly injured himself—manages to keep himself and the remainder of the crew sane enough to get back.

Repairs on the Triumph are completed. As the highest ranked surviving officer, Brian Wallace is offered command of the vessel, to be accompanied by a promotion to Captain. 

The Stargazer is decommissioned and sent to the Copernicus Yard Museum, where the ship is kept in a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere for tours and academic study. Her power systems are reduced to a "semi-operational" state so that, if need arrises, Stargazer can be re-commissioned for active duty. 

Thalios ch'Tharian transfers to Columbia as a junior security officer. 

** The Second and Fifth Fleets take part in Operation Return, the Allies' first major offensive of the war. The plan is to retake Deep Space Nine, which had fallen to the Dominion at the start of the conflict, in order to prevent Dominion reinforcements from entering the Alpha Quadrant through the wormhole. The mission is successful due in no small part to the assistance of a large number of Klingon warships appearing in time to turn the tide of battle to the Allies' favor.

The U.S.S. Trial, as part of the Second Fleet, participates in Operation Return. She is one of the first ships to arrive at Deep Space Nine after the Dominion withdrawal.

The U.S.S. Ireland, as part of the Fifth Fleet, takes part in Operation Return. 

Malina Maugatai declares she can no longer remain married to a man who may come home in a torpedo case, and files for divorce. 

Saavedra graduates from Starfleet Academy. She elects to remain onboard Columbia as a member of the medical staff.

The Federation Council, in a somewhat desperate move, grants all former Maquis amnesty in exchange for their services in fighting the Dominion. Roijiana is assigned to Marine fireteam Wildfire, under the command of Lt. Col. Lucas Peck.

Vixak graduates from Johns Hopkins University with an M.D. in multi-species medicine. He is assigned to Columbia as Assistant Chief Medical Officer and promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade.

Columbia becomes the flagship of the taskforce assigned to retake the Selva system from the Cardassian-Dominion Alliance. The campaign is successful; though there are personnel losses, all six ships in the small battle group escape with reparable damages. She and former crewmate Brian Wallace are reunited for the mission.

Rotoru Maugatai is promoted to Chief Engineer following the death of his predecessor. Darien Serri becomes Assistant Chief Engineer.

Jacen Faris is promoted to Senior Flight Control Officer when Columbia's pilot os transferred to a starbase to treat his extensive injurues. He pulls double duty as ship's pilot and starfighter pilot.

Ryan Bennington, one of the 50 Marines assigned to Columbia for the duration of the war, is instrumental in repelling Dominion boarding parties during the Battle of Selva. After the system is re-taken, Captain Regan names him Chief of Security when his predecessor transfers to another assignment.

Thalios ch'Tharian is named Assistant Chief of Security.

Jiraz transfers to Columbia as Chief Medical Officer following the transfer of the ship's doctor to the U.S.S. Lexington.

Lexis Serri is promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class.

31 — The Intrepid-class U.S.S. Messenger, NCC-74831, is launched from the Mariposa Fleet Yards under the command of Captain Tracy Devonshire.

Sullek is promoted to Lieutenant. He is assigned to Messenger as Senior Operations Officer.

Carla Mallory is promoted to Lieutenant. She is assigned to Messenger as Assistant Chief Engineer.

Makke Shonn is assigned to the Columbia for his field study.

Sylari is assigned to the Ireland for her field study. 

** The Excelsior-class U.S.S. Sherwood is one of nearly three dozen vessels lost at the First Battle of Chin'toka. Only about one tenth of the crew survives the battle—Cmdr. Dominic Deluca, Lt. Arkhet djan Zabrak, and Ens. Zachary Hillstrand are among the 75.

The Messenger is one of the few ships to survive the First Battle of Chin'toka intact, though not without extensive damage and personnel losses. Captain Devonshire is killed in the battle; her first officer and chief engineer are badly wounded.

The Georgetown takes part in the First Battle of Chin'toka. Her first officer is killed and the captain incapacitated by an injury, leaving second officer Synnove Natale in charge. She is promoted to Captain by Starfleet and left in command of the ship.

Ireland's conn officer requests a transfer to be closer to home after his brother is killed in action. In recognition of her skill as a pilot, Sylari is named as his replacement and is granted a field promotion to Ensign. 

Dominic DeLuca is promoted to Captain and given command of the Messenger. He takes on several other former Sherwood crew members, including Arkhet djan Zabrak—whom he names Chief Engineer—and Zach Hillstrand, who becomes a relief tactical officer. 

Jaarid, the Requisitions Officer of Starbase 133, is promoted to Lieutenant Commander on his assignment to Messenger as First Officer.

Charlaine Tucker is one of five third-year cadets taken onboard the Messenger for field study assignments. 

 responds to a distress call from a Klingon vessel while en route to R'naari space. They assist with destroying three Jem'Hadar attack ships; in the battle, the Messenger's pilot is badly wounded and the helm rendered inoperable. Charlaine Tucker declares she can fly the ship from the science console and is successful. Captain DeLuca rewards her with a field commission to ensign. When it is determined that the pilot will not soon recover, he names her as conn officer.

Dominic DeLuca learns that the commander of the Klingon ship is his father, whom he has not seen since his birth. 

Alok becomes a civilian contract operative for Starfleet Intelligence.

Upon Messenger's return from R'naari space, they stop at Deep Space Nine, where Captain DeLuca meets his younger sister Khalla for the first time.

Eton Kirek is promoted to Dal.

Chariza Guinan is promoted to Lieutenant. 

Makke Shonn graduates from Starfleet Academy and elects to stay onboard Columbia.

Jacen Faris is promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade.

Kratul transfers to Columbia as a junior security officer. He is promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade.

Two Marine fire teams—one under the command of Lucas Peck, the other under the command of his fiancee, Nivik Yula—are tasked with destroying a ketracel-white facility on Kelrabi. The teams approach the facility from opposite sides and find themselves walking into an ambush. When Marine Special Operations Command orders a retreat, Peck's team is able to withdraw but Nivik's is not. Word later reaches MARSOC that all four members of the captured team were executed.

Felicity Bowman is assigned to Triumph for her field study.

Columbia takes part in the Battle of Cardassia, the final engagement of the Dominion War. Rotoru Maugatai is severely wounded and sent to Starbase 375 for treatment. Darien Serri is named Acting Chief Engineer.

All of Starfleet's remaining personnel, officers and enlisted alike, are awarded the Dominion War Campaign Ribbon in recognition of their endurance.

Vice Admiral Elliot Haywood of Starfleet's Special Projects Division is tasked by Admiral Necheyev with formulating a plan for peaceful relations with the Cardassians. He proposes turning Empok Nor into a functioning starbase, that it might become a center for trade as did Deep Space Nine. 

Although met with some resistance due to the involvement of Starfleet, the new Detapa Council approves the Federation's proposal, even going so far as to give Starfleet command of the station and the authority to change the station's name if they so desire. 

Formation of the 11th Fleet (to be assigned as the Starfleet presence in Cardassian space) intensifies, although with resources already spread so thin, Vice Admiral Tattok—who is assigned as Fleet Commander—is forced to rely on a number of older vessels with modern refits for the first phase of the project.

The Maquis who were conscripted into service during the war are cut loose. Roijiana petitions Starfleet for re-instatement. Her initial request is summarily rejected.

Thousands of third- and fourth-year academy cadets are graduated ahead of schedule to make up for the fleet's staff shortages. All cadets who receive early commissions are informed that they must complete their academic course work via correspondence. Anyone not making the grade will be made to return to the academy in the fall. 

Synnove Natale meets with Vice Admiral Tattok, who informs her that the Federation Council has reached an agreement with the new provisional government on Cardassia for Starfleet to aid in the refurbishing of Empok Nor as a functioning starbase. He then tells her she has been selected to be its first commanding officer.

Captain Lindze Regan learns her ship, the U.S.S. Columbia, has been reassigned to the 11th Fleet.

Ryan Bennington is promoted to Captain. 

Captain Regan is informed that the Marine platoon will not be immediately reassigned, as they will provide additional security while in Cardassian space.

Rotoru Maugatai returns to active duty, but instead of returning to Columbia, he takes a post at the Copernicus Fleet Yards as a project leader. 

Darien Serri's position as acting chief engineer is made permanent. Lieutenant Narok, a Saurian, becomes Assistant Chief Engineer.

Makke Shonn is promoted to Senior Anthropologist.

Admiral Ross once again personally selects Jordan Kelley for an assignment; this time, he is to be the Tactical Defense Officer on Empok Nor.

When word reaches him that Starfleet has been invited by the new Cardassian government to assist in restoring Empok Nor into a functioning starbase, Grafydd sends a request to Admiral Tattok that he be assigned to the project. He is the only member of the Starfleet contingent not reporting to Cardassian space because ordered to do so. Tattok mentions the request to Synnove Natale, and she takes him on as Chief Engineer.

The Federation Council releases a territory-wide press release imploring civilians with medical, mechanical, and technological training to sign up for temporary tours-of-duty with Starfleet, to last for a period no less than one year and no more than four. Dr. Maggie Garcia—after discussing the matter with her husbandcommits to what she sees as a patriotic duty and signs up for one year. She is sent to Starfleet Medical Headquarters in San Francisco on Earth for an advanced training regimen with dozens of other doctors and medical personnel.

The Columbia, along with an escort by the U.S.S. Triumph, ferries Captain Natale and nearly a hundred engineers and security officers to the Trivas System, where Empok Nor is located. A casual remark by Natale leads to the station being redesignated Sanctuary. Seven hours after arriving at the station, Natale learns that one tenth of the crew will be comprised of Cardassians. 

Eton Kirek is selected by the New Detapa Council to be First Officer of Sanctuary.

Gilora Rejal, a Cardassian subspace specialist, is named Senior Science Officer.

Within days of their arrival, the repairs and upgrades to Sanctuary's systems begin breaking down, even after just being worked on. The crew is forced to conclude that there is a saboteur among them.

Due to overwhelming reports of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder affecting surviving Border Patrol, Marine, and Starfleet personnel, the Federation Council draws up a motion that comes to be known as the Mental Health Act of 2376. The motion states that all military vessels and facilities must have on staff at least one certified counselor, who can either be specifically trained or an officer in another position with the credentials and ability to perform double duty.

Maggie Garcia learns she is to be sent to Sanctuary with the provisional rank of Lieutenant as Sanctuary's Chief Medical Officer. Miguel demands she request a less dangerous assignment and she complies, but the request fails to be granted. She moves into guest quarters on the U.S.S. Trident in preparation for the trip to Cardassian space.

The Trident launches from dry-dock; however, the new upgrades prove to be too great a strain on the ship's existing computer core. Following a complete systems failure, the ship is towed back into dock. It is decided to replace a third of the existing isolinear circuitry with bio-neural gel packs—a procedure expected to take three months. 

The final complement of security and engineering personnel arrive at Sanctuary.

Having taken her case all the way to Federation Supreme Court, Roijiana's petition for re-instatement is granted on the basis of a desperate need for trained officers to make up for staff shortages. The successful campaign to return to duty is not without it's drawbacks, however: Roijiana must accept a demotion in rank to Lieutenant, as well as being ineligible for promotion for a minimum period of five years. 

In what she sees as a form of punishment for her defection, Roijiana is assigned to Sanctuary as Senior Counselor.

Saavedra is promoted to senior medical technician.

Trident successfully launches from spacedock two months ahead of their projected launch date and begins the journey to Sanctuary with the station's compliment of science and medical staff.

Upon arrival at Sanctuary, Dr. Garcia is immediately inundated with patients, most of them Starfleet officers who refused to be treated by the station's Cardassian doctor, Nariska Messar.

Admiral Tattok arrives at Sanctuary via his personal runabout with his chief of staff, Rkasi Cen. An explosion as they are walking through the airlock nearly kills them both, though it is later discovered that Cen is a Maquis operative and that he is the one responsible for the attempt on the admiral's life. 

The U.S.S. Pericles gets into trouble confronting two Cardassian Galor-class ships. The U.S.S. Veritas and the Trident intervene, saving the Pericles and the civilian freighter Sally Mae, and in the process learn that the Cardassian purist group True Way is still active.

Alok is assigned to Sanctuary as their intelligence officer.

A mysterious stranger helps Rkasi Cen escape as he is about to be transported to a penal facility on Garon II. The Triumph takes damage during the escape, and Lt. Commander Kelley determines that a human helped Cen escape, leading to the conclusion that it was a Maquis operation.

The Columbia intercepts the Denobulan freighter Cen escaped on, and a brief battle ensues. The Maquis operatives—including Cen—are transported aboard, but during a search one of the men overpowers the guards and frees his comrades. They make it to the main shuttlebay and escape in a runabout, but the small vessel is sabotaged by an undercover agent of the Federation Security Bureau. 

 retrieves the runabout and the prisoners and transports them to Garon II while Commander Silmar, Captain Bennington, and FSB agent Tahir fly the freighter and its contents back to Sanctuary.

Anjali is promoted to Commander.

The U.S.S. Wolfsong retrieves her first officer, Commander Kelana Tymir, from Deep Space Nine.

Master Chief Dilik Zram is confronted with evidence of misconduct and Captain Natale orders him into counseling to deal with his anger issues. The saboteur is caught at last when he makes his biggest mistake—threatening harm to the only child of Eton Kirek.

The Wolfsong narrowly escapes a confrontation with a race called the Hirogen, whom they know originate from the Delta Quadrant.

Ambassador Ohton Sanbo visits Sanctuary. Eton Kirek confronts the Selkie politcian about fears he has kept secret regarding whether or not the Federation is planning to occupy the Cardassian Union.

Felicity Bowman transfers to Sanctuary and is named Chief of Operations.

Civilians begin arriving at the station, mainly shopkeepers and other merchants, as well as the crew's family members. 

Nadia Lawton, a chef famous throughout the Federation, leases the tri-level bar; she and the crew she has hired turn the place into a posh restaurant, which she names Nigella's in honor of one of her ancestors. The restaurant is open by the middle of the month.

Brim, a Ferengi well known in several star systems for being the owner of a number of hair salons, opens another such business on Sanctuary.

Chariza Guinan is reunited with her mother, whom she has not spoken to in more than two decades, when the elder Guinan accepts the job of hostess at Nigella's. She, in turn, is reunited by proxy with Darsha Nah'tiel through her daughter Kateran, Sanctuary's Gamma Shift OiC.

Jordan Kelley is promoted to Commander.

Sylari is given leave to attend the wedding of her academy roommate on Deep Space Nine. During her return trip, she encounters a rogue meteor shower and the shuttle she is piloting is heavily damaged. Sylari crash-lands on a planetoid several parsecs from Bajor. 

Alok and a medic are dispatched from Sanctuary to search for Sylari. When they find her she is discovered to be suffering from retrograde amnesia. After several medical exams, it is determined that Sylari will mind meld with her father to unblock her memories.

Following the mind meld with Silmar, Sylari regains her memories. She and Alok, who have fallen in love, decide to become bondmates. Sylari then requests a transfer to Sanctuary so that she and Alok can remain together.

Grafydd is promoted to Commander.

Syriah Nir'ahn is promoted to Major and becomes Company Commander of the 13th Platoon.

Lexis Serri is promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer and named Chief of the Boat.

Jacen Faris is promoted to Lieutenant.

Kratul is promoted to Lieutenant.

22 — Columbia and San Francisco are two of 27 starships mobilized to fight an imminent Borg incursion in the Sol System. A Borg sphere emerges from an aperture in sector 001, less than a lightyear from Earth, but explodes almost immediately. From the midst of the explosion appears the U.S.S. VoyagerColumbiaSan Francisco, and the other 25 ships serve as an honor guard, escorting their lost sister home.

15  The Nova-class U.S.S. Journey, NCC-2063, launches from Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards under the command of Captain Oliver Harris. 

25 — On course for Rentara Prime, Journey encounters a powerful electromagnetic storm that causes massive damage to the ship, including the explosion of their port nacelle. Numerous crew members are injured while Captain Harris and Chief Engineer John Pool are killed in action.

Lieutenants Tanis and Praeger take one of Journey's shuttlecraft ahead to Rentara Prime in order to aprise their assigned ship's counselor, Dr. Gillon Marcan, of the vessel's status.

26 — Commander Serutian Hale, first officer of the U.S.S. San Francisco, is placed in command of Journey by Admiral Elliott Haywood of Starfleet's Special Projects Division; she receives a brevet promotion to the rank of captain. Hale asks T'Rae, the San Francisco's chief engineer, to fill the open position on her new command.

Thackery Josen and his fiancee, Inara Kirin, are attacked on the street during a visit to Risa—Josen is severely wounded and Inara is killed. Doctors are barely able to save the Kirin symbiont.

Jacen Faris joins with Inara's symbiont and becomes known as Jacen Kirin per Trill tradition.