Sunday, February 8, 2015

A little bit of new.

If you stop by here regularly to read the fics with the hope of seeing something new, take a gander at the top of the page. 

Yep, I made up a new banner. I've actually made a couple of new ones, and hope to have a banner for each month of the year when I'm finished. Most of the banners will feature characters you'll see in starring or recurring roles, others will have starships, starbases, and planets.

I've also, finally, gotten the disclaimers added to the Federation Database page, so please have a look at that. More articles will be there in the months to come as I make time here and there for adding to the site. Definitely planning on adding an ASDB page one of these days so you'll be able to read up on the starships regularly used in the stories here at BtS. 

I'm sorry there are no new stories yet, but I assure you that I have plans to write more. Life just hasn't left me much time or energy for being creative for a long time, but given I've been working on banners, you know the spark is still there. Now I just need to keep fanning the flames...