Friday, February 20, 2015

A Note from the Author

Star Trek: Between the Stars, or BtS, is a fan fiction universe set mainly in the post-Dominion War era. Most of the stories featured here are written by myself, with a few stories being co-authored or written entirely by other authors.

Notable locations outside the Federation include the war-raved Cardassian Union and a region of space known as the Borderlands, three (mostly) unclaimed sectors surrounded by the Federation on two sides and the Klingon Empire on the other two. The Romulan Empire is also just a few sectors away, and other close neighbors include the Son’a, the Suliban, the Nausicaans and the Orions.

Quite the backyard to play in, wouldn’t you say?

The stories you’ll find here are tales of human conflict, whether the characters themselves are human or not. I write with the desire to entertain and tell a good story about how people are and can be—which in 300 years probably isn’t too far removed from who we are now. I’ve no doubt that in the 24th century, people still love and hate, laugh and cry, help and hurt. Some of the characters are going to be good people, some not so nice. Some will make all the right decisions, some make all the wrong decisions, and some will fall somewhere in between. Most of my stories will center on character development, delving into the minds and motivations of the people who inhabit this little corner of the universe, but for those of you who enjoy a good space battle or fist fight, rest assured I’ll do my best throw those in the mix every now and again.

Ratings-wise, most of my tales will fall into the PG or PG-13 range, but on occasion a story of a more mature nature may come to me. I consider it a great responsibility to take on such a task and will only write adult material if I feel it truly pertains to who the characters are and the story I’m trying to tell. Since I know that such material is either not of interest to or is unsuitable for some readers, I will endeavor to make sure each story is rated clearly.

I invite you to leave comments on the stories you read, whether you liked it or not (and if the latter, please be kind when you tell me why)—though if you don't feel comfortable leaving a public review, you're more than welcome to use the Open Hailing Frequency feature to send me an email. I also welcome any comments on the articles in the Information Center. A writer loves to communicate with his or her readers!

Welcome to my vision of the future of Star Trek.

~ Christina
February 2015