Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Getting there, little by little.

Folks, I spent the better part of the morning adding a few dozen links to the Helpful Weblinks article in the Information Center, so I invite you to have a look at all the new links to Trek-related information and fan fiction. Of course, more links will be added as I come across good sites I think you'll enjoy.

I also have great news for you: a new story! Yep, I suddenly got bit by the writing bug and have now written my first piece of Trek fiction in... well, in far too long. The story is called "I'm All Right" and features Lyriq's Jodhaa Ra'kir and her old boss Beatrix "Beks" Knight. A big shout-out to fellow writer Miranda Fave for allowing me to borrow Beks, one of his many characters. Enjoy!