Saturday, January 9, 2016

Unity-class Starbase

Starbase Echo - In orbit of Regulus III

Defense-enhanced diplomatic complex and Starfleet outpost

Diameter: 8,909 m
Overall diameter: 12,462 m
Height: 11,500 m 
Decks: 500

Officers: 40,000
Crew: 160,000
Total: 200,000
Civilians: 20,000
Max. Capacity: 270,000
Emergency Capacity: 300,000
Evacuation Capacity: 350,000 

Reactor System
4 x heavy antimatter reactors
4 x auxiliary fusion reactors

Computer System
Primary computer core
Secondary core computer
Tertiary core computer
LCARS operating system
Bioneural circuits with isolinear backups

480 x Type 13 phaser phalanxes
60 x Type 4 pulse phaser batteries (extendable)
50 x torpedo launchers (extendable)

Defensive Systems
Auto-modulating regenerative shield system
Polyduranide/Tritanium quad hull
10 cm Ablative armor

100 x Manned Transporter Stations
400 x Automatic Transporter Platforms (Vocal Destination Entry)
2 x magnetic tracks, each in the opposite direction in the outer docking ring.
25 x Shuttle ramps
15 x Shuttle ramps for civilian shuttle service
75 x Capacity of vessels
8 x Docking Masts

Support Craft
40 x Type-9 shuttles
30 x Type-8 shuttles
20 x Type-10 shuttles
20 x Danube-class runabouts
5 x Arrow-class shuttles (for VIP/diplomatic transport)
180 x Orcus-class starfighters (15 squadrons of 12)
20 x Danube M-class Marine troop transports
200 x Workbees
200 x Greater rescue capsules


These specifications were created by Joran Belar, co-designer of Unity One.