Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I think...

...I might finally have things the way I want them on personnel pages.

I think, ha ha.

Again, I beg your forgiveness for no new stories. One day I will get around to getting something new added to the archive. I still love the alternate universe I created and I plan to revisit it -- there are so many more stories in my head waiting to be told. I just need to find the spark that makes me want to write like a madwoman (it's currently a hostage of Middle-earth). 

Oh, and thanks once again for the tolerance as I went a little OCD on the personnel lists. You may have noticed I really like to keep things organized, every crew where they belong. I have my main crews and all my recurring ships/characters all nice and separated now according to year and faction pretty much. You'll note that Sanctuary got bumped to recurring status as of 2377 and that there are almost no Starfleet people on the list -- as well as much of the original Starfleet senior officers posted on a starship. There's a good reason for that, which will be explained in-story as soon as I can get said story written. 

I'm hoping that the bug that bit me and made me want to do a little more structuring on the personnel lists will soon make me want to write. Crossing my fingers!