Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Okay, I was wrong. Sort of...

I thought I had everything worked out, I swear! But then as I was going through the lists making sure everything was where it should be and as it should be, I noted that the Ireland crew manifest for 2377 - 2379 was the same as the 2376 manifest.

And it wasn't supposed to be.

Callahan and crew might just be guests (who will get an occasional story of their own), but my OCD demanded accuracy. I could not leave that when I'd spent the last two days creating new pages and such for the sake of organization and accuracy. So I had to make yet another Starfleet page for the Recurring characters list so that each time period had the correct Ireland manifest.

I've actually had to create two separate Civilian pages just so the change in the Lyriq manifest was reflected properly. And the Messenger manifest...

See, that's the root of my problem right there: crew changes. Changes made to the crew manifests means a new article must be created, which means a new page for certain lists so that each separate time period has the correct manifest.

Of course, all this need for new pages and whatnot is giving me a bit of a headache, so I'm seriously considering having everyone be on the same page whether "main" or "guest" and organizing it much like the Story Archive.