Friday, October 20, 2017

Okay, folks...

I believe I have re-done (yet again) the cast list to my satisfaction. You'll notice that I do not have the entire crews of all the ships that were on the list before, just the captains. I figure that will keep things a little simpler because we're not going to be seeing the entire crews of those ships anymore. I tried to get just the most important of the characters that are likely to make multiple appearances on the list(s).

Now, some of you might be wondering why I did not choose the U.S.S. Journey for my ship crew. After all, she was my very first fanfic ship and should have been the most important one, the most special to me. In a way she is and always will be, but to be honest, it's been to very long since I've written for those characters that I no longer feel really connected to them anymore. It's sad and it's entirely my own fault, but to me they will always exist -- and that's what matters most. 

I chose Sanctuary's crew because I've written several stories for them and they're much more alive to me, in a sense, and I chose the Messenger as my ship because frankly, I wanted one female captain and one male captain. I wanted to focus on a single ship crew, but I also wanted that crew to have a home base, and because Natale and her team were already established... It became a matter of choosing between the Ireland and the Messenger for the ship. And while the entire Ireland crew had been cast, I had never really imagined them being anything other than the occasional guest. Messenger I had a lot more ideas for, so DeLuca and crew were chosen.

And to be honest, while I have chosen to focus on a starbase and the Messenger, that doesn't mean there won't be the occasional story for one of those other starship crews. I had several stories planned for Columbia and Journey, for instance, that I will certainly do my best to adapt to the Mess crew... but some may not be adaptable due to their character-specific nature. We shall see once I get my butt writing again.

So, now that I've fixed up the cast it's time to look at all those story summaries and see which one I want to work on first!