Saturday, February 17, 2018

Changes keep coming.

I know that a while back I talked about having just one ship and starbase to focus on, hoping that narrowing my focus would help me get back into writing for Trek, which I love and miss so much. 

But I had a plan in mind for one of the many ships I created and I couldn't keep thinking about it. About the characters and where I had hoped to take them. So yesterday I decided to do something a little bit different, which is to partner that ship -- the Republic -- with the Messenger. This means that the big stories will feature both ships, while there will be smaller stories occasionally for each ship individually. 

It's funny that I've found myself unable to quite let go of the Republic, because I really like even numbers. And now I've got the odd number of three, with two ships and a space station. Hopefully I'll finally be able to get some motivation going and get back to writing. There might just be some folks out there that are still hoping for new stories from me.  ;)