Monday, February 19, 2018

Woo hoo!

Guess what, everybody?

Oh, nevermind, I cannot contain my excitement: I have a new story to share with you! Yes, you read that right, a NEW story! Many months back when I had about a dozen starships in my fleet (and still do, technically, just narrowed the focus), I had planned on making a series for Captain Naoki Sulu and the U.S.S. Republic. I even started a story that led off from Ireland's "Until Next Time".

I got it started but never finished it, because my Muse went elsewhere. That is, until now. Now the story is finished!

Many thanks to my buddy Deggsy O'Brien, author of the Surefoot stories. Reading his work these last months has really helped inspire me to try and get back into my own. Hopefully this Republic introduction story is just the beginning.

Now go on and read the latest Between the Stars tale, "Active Duty".