Sunday, August 26, 2018

Looks different around here, doesn't it?

Yeah, but not much. 😎

I just decided to go ahead and move the stories that don't feature my three main crews to their own page which I titled Federation Archives. This cleared up a lot of clutter, so to speak, on the main story page, which is titled Mission Logs. Now, all you will find on the latter are stories that feature characters from the crews I have decided to focus on, those being Sanctuary (later Starbase Echo), Republic, and Messenger

To be truthful, there will be more stories on Echo and Messenger, but the Republic idea really has so much potential that I couldn't just let it go entirely. Maybe someday those stories will get sent to the Federation Archives, but for now -- at least until I've told all the stories I have stored in my head for them -- they get to be with the other two.