Sunday, August 26, 2018

Ramble of the day.

I really want to get to work on another story, but I'm having a hard time getting my head into it. As a hopeful means of stirring the Muse, I looked at the story list and counted the number of stories posted (most of which were co-written or written entirely by me, and all of which were edited by me).


Yep, that's how many stories are there, the writing spanning nearly 20 years -- the earliest stories going way back to 2000. There are long periods where nothing was written, and not all are dated (because I forgot when and/or could not find a date). But I believe that my writing has improved greatly over the years, and that there will always be a desire to keep writing in my own little piece of the multiverse.

I've also been considering lately making a couple of changes to the site structure. Since I am working on narrowing my focus to just a couple of my many crews, I've thought about moving all the stories not related to those crews to a new page. Haven't decided for sure yet if I will, but it's something I am thinking about.

Anyhoo, keep on dropping by occasionally, my fellow Trekkies. There may not always be something new, but there will always be great stories. :)