Friday, October 26, 2018


Inspired by Deggsy O'Brien's U.S.S. Surefoot tales, I decided to introduce some cadets to my writing, but with a bit of a twist on his idea. Whereas in his series the cadet program is limited to a certain number of ships, each with a liaison officer from Starfleet Academy (or an officer already on staff qualified to fill the role), my cadets will be placed on every starship and starbase in the fleet over time. 

Cadet Takeshi Sulu - Science Major
Species: Betazoid-Human / Portrayed by: Makenyu Maeda
Cadet KavĂ© - Flight Control Major
Species: Cayadoran
Cadet C4 Red - Engineering Major
Species: Nasat
Cadet Tialie Orle'virrea - Medical Major
Species: Sti'ach