Thursday, October 4, 2018


Hey everybody! I have made a few more changes to the website today --

I know what you're thinking: Not again! But please, hear me out, okay? 

The thing is, I am a little OCD -- perhaps more than a little. I like symmetry and neatness and ease of access. To me, a website should have all those things, so I have done my best to incorporate those elements here at BtS. Where and how all the stories are displayed is one area in which I have struggled to find the right balance (that is, a method that does not trigger my OCD!), but I think I may have finally gotten it to where I want it.

As you will recall, I have always listed the stories under two headings -- the year and the month in which they take place (or in some cases, the month in which they start). With the number of stories going over 50, it began to bother me that the story page looked cluttered. Around this time, I had also come to the conclusion that I would have to pick one or two crews out of the dozen or so I had in mind if I was ever going to be able to focus and perhaps get around to finally adding new content. 

My first effort to clear things up was, of course, to choose the crew I would focus on. The Intrepid class is perhaps my favorite starship design, so I knew almost immediately that I would be featuring the Messenger. But I had also written nearly 20 stories over the years for Sanctuary and had really grown to love both those characters and the idea of a fleet unit having a home base -- thus, I decided to keep both the Messenger and Sanctuary crews, and that I would do my best to move back and forth between them equally. Also, since there were certain characters that I had created for other crews that I really loved, I did some shuffling in order to be able to utilize them.

After making the choice of crews, I decided to move all the stories not featuring characters from those crews to a separate page, and keep a "main" page for my two crews and any stories from the characters' pasts. But even as I created that separate page, something still nagged at me about it not being quite right. Last night, it suddenly hit me what I should do: one more round of streamlining and organization. This involved listing all the "other" stories on a post rather than their own page, then linking that post on the main story page. I also moved all the stories onto separate posts according to the year in which they occur and linking the year on the main story page.

Now, all stories are gathered in one place again: the Story Archive page. The Federation Database link is where any and all stories not featuring a crew member from the Messenger or Echo will go. Most of them are older stories, but if I ever get the urge to write something not featuring those crews (and there are a number of ideas I would still like to pursue), that's where it will go. I've separated all the other stories that do feature my main crews by year, making each year its own post with the stories again listed in order by month.

This should -- hopefully! -- be the last time I make such drastic changes. I really like the cleaner look of the Story Archive now that I've done this bit of reorganization. Hope you'll like it too.

Oh, and very soon I will show you all the command center for Starbase Echo that i've been working on!