Friday, April 5, 2019


Well, part of a new story anyway. 😉

See, what eventually became "New Life, New Civilization" started out as two different stories. But after going back and forth between them, I came to realize they could be one story. Which works out great for the overall arc I get by combining them, but makes for a pretty long story -- part 1 alone is a novelette in length, and part 2 is near the same word count though not yet finished. 

So I decided to make it only the second two-part story ever to appear on the website. 😃

Unlike the first ("Addition, Attraction, and Sabotage"), there won't be any other stories in between the two parts of this one. Part 2, as I mentioned, is already partly written. Now that I've finished up part one and made cover art for both, I can concentrate on finishing part two, which I can already tell you will be a good deal longer than part one. But it's going to be a great story, I promise. So much fun coming!

Oh, and much thanks to Deggsy O'Brien, author of the U.S.S. Surefoot series, for giving me the OK to feature a couple of his characters (and his ship) in a cameo role.

For now, click the link to read and enjoy "New Life, New Civilization".