Monday, June 10, 2019

Welcome back, Jack!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a great privilege to welcome my good friend and fellow writer Jack Elmlinger from the old Tot11F group back to Trek in the BtS universe with his limited series Star Trek: Aurora

Set aboard a Nova-class science ship, this six-episode saga is already three stories in with the fourth in progress. They really are some excellent examples of storytelling and I highly recommend giving them a read. I'm really quite happy to include them as a part of the Between the Stars universe, and will be creating cover art for the stories as well as fine-tuning Jack's prose with a tiny bit of editing. 

First up is the story "The Welcome Home", where Aurora returns to Federation space after a lengthy deep-space deployment to find that very much has changed since they've been away. Also, do enjoy this awesome picture of Admiral Thrikkan, a supporting character featured in the story, done by the wonderfully talented Jonathan Crosby-Bromley!