Wednesday, July 31, 2019

New stuff!

Guess what, Trekkies? That's right, new content -- and more!

First, I have finally gotten around to editing episode 4 of Jack Elmlinger's six-part Aurora series. It's called "Protector" and has a nifty little mystery for the crew to solve I think you'll enjoy.

Also, I have debated for some time as to whether I ought to create a fan page for BtS on Facebook like a couple of my friends had done for their fanfic series, as well as a number of the fan film groups I follow. Last night I decided to just plunge ahead and do it --- yup, Between the Stars has a Facebook page! The content there is much the same, but it is another great way for you to keep updated on my universe and maybe even interact with fellow Trekkies like yourselves.