Sunday, October 6, 2019

The Alpha Chronicles #3 is live!

Yes, I have given my BtS/Space: 1999 crossover stories their own subtitle, lol. Why not? There are now three full stories and a cameo so far, and more are rolling around in my head. So giving the series within a series its own title made sense.

The latest in the series takes place almost entirely on Alpha and features only two Starfleet officers (though others are mentioned), which is why the cover is a little different than the last two. You'll notice when you click on the link that it has only the 1999 logo and not the BtS logo -- but down at the bottom is a tagline mentioning that it takes place in the BtS universe.

So, if you're still tagging along on this journey with the new friends of Murphy and crew, click on the link below to read their next adventure!