Tuesday, August 11, 2020


"Return to Duty" Admiral Tattok returns to command the 11th Fleet once more, and Valerie Markham says her goodbyes to Cardassia. (short story, G, August 2016)

"Redeployment" Tattok learns that Starfleet Command and the Federation Council have designs on possibly disbanding the 11th Fleet—and he's already being reassigned. (vignette, October 2017)

"Every New Beginning" Jordan Kelley has some tough decisions to make as hidden information comes to light that could change his life forever. (novelette, PG, November 2020) [Note: This story takes place mainly on March 28, 2377, but ends on April 3, 2377.]

"Even Darkness Must Pass"  As Kelley and Whitehorse confront the fracture in their relationship, one man's destructive actions could end up causing them both to lose everything they hold dear. (novelette, PG-13, November 2020)