Tuesday, August 11, 2020


"New Life, New Civilization - Part One" Unexpected news leads the crew of the Starship Messenger to feel uncertain about their future, and one young woman begins the next phase of her own. (novelette, PG, April 2019) 

"New Life, New Civilization - Part Two" Tensions rise and tempers flare on the new Messenger after an inter-dimensional rift ejects an exact replica of Earth's moon into their path. Can peace be restored in time to save a pre-warp civilization -- and the moon's inhabitants -- from annihilation? (novelette, PG, April 2019) 

"Echoes of the Past" A follow-up of sorts to "New Life, New Civilization - Part One", Lt. Hansen discovers something unusual in the survey data from the Paulson Nebula and clashes with Lt. Cmdr. Ja-Nareth as to its significance. What she and her team discover leads back to a classified mission of the U.S.S. Enterprise! (novelette, PG-13, September 2019)

"Coming Home" While Commander McMurty solves the puzzle of rotating the Alphans' moon, another ship in the 11th Fleet finds a vessel floating in space that by all rights should not be there. Just how did it arrive, and who are the three crewmen found onboard? (novelette, G, September 2019)

"The Purpose of Alpha" As plans move forward for the moon's terraforming project, returned friends reintegrate into Alpha's crew. But even though the question of how they got there has been answered, why most definitely has not, and those responsible have also left a few mysterious clues for the Alphans about the the future. (novelette, PG, October 2019)

"The Inconvenient Truth" Plans to terraform the Plato Crater move forward, and so do the lives of many Alphans. But will the inhabitants of the moonbase survive an attack by Orion slavers when Starfleet is conveniently absent? (novella, PG, February 2020)

"Relationships of a Romantic Nature" Two Alphan men and two Federation women consider their relationships, past and future, and the beginning of something wonderful opens up for all. (novelette, G, August 2020)[Note: This story begins in mid-October and ends in mid-November)