Art Galleries

The service I use to host Between the Stars doesn't really allow for me to post my artwork here as I would like to—a small price to pay for being able to manage it all on my own, considering my technical skills are limited. So I'll be featuring one picture on the page and linking you to the galleries on my Deviant Art account.

All of my own photomanipulations are marked with a watermark in the lower right or left corner, depending on the picture and any text added. All photomanips created by other artists will be noted in text under the picture.

Please note that no picture may be used, reproduced, or archived without express written permission. If you see something you like and wish to use it for your own fan fiction or RPG, use the Open Hailing Frequency feature—I promise, you won't get bitten!

Note: Some character images in the galleries will differ from their appearance here. That is due to alterations made to the originals for story purposes.