Star Trek: Starbase Echo

Starbase Echo, the new home of Captain Natale and the Starfleet crew from Sanctuary, was originally intended to be a companion series to that of Messenger, in much the same way as the 11th Fleet stories are companions to the Sanctuary series. However, an idea I had to go in an entirely different direction just wouldn't let go, and so this series, too, has but a few stories.


"Every New Beginning" Jordan Kelley has some tough decisions to make as hidden information comes to light that could change his life forever. (novelette, PG, November 2020) [Note: This story takes place mainly on March 28, 2377, but ends on April 3, 2377.]

"Even Darkness Must Pass"  As Kelley and Whitehorse confront the fracture in their relationship, one man's destructive actions could end up causing them both to lose everything they hold dear. (novelette, PG-13, November 2020)

"The Phantom Menace" A surprise visitor to Starbase Echo brings news Captain Natale has long feared, and leads to the disappearance of two young women. Can Alok and a hastily gathered group of rescuers save them in time to prevent a terrible fate? (novelette, R, January 2021)