Story Archive

Welcome to the Between the Stars story archive. Enjoy your reading!

In regard to story length, I follow the conventions established by the Science Fiction Writers of America, among other literary entities. Those are: 

Drabble: Precisely 100 words 
Vignette: 101 – 2,500 words
Short Story: 2,501 – 7,500 words 
Novelette: 7,501 – 17,500 words 
Novella: 17,501 – 40,000 words 
Short Novel: 40,001 – 60,000 words 
Novel: 60,000-plus words 

All stories are rated according to MPAA standards as closely as possible.

A collection of stories that take place in the BtS universe.

A comprehensive chronology of the events that have shaped the BtS universe. It will be added to as stories are written.