Story Archive

In regard to story length, I follow the conventions established by the Science Fiction Writers of America, among other literary entities. Those are: 

Drabble: Precisely 100 words 
Vignette: 1 – 2,500 words
Short Story: 2,501 – 7,500 words 
Novelette: 7,501 – 17,500 words 
Novella: 17,501 – 40,000 words 
Short Novel: 40,001 – 60,000 words 
Novel: 60,000-plus words 

All stories are rated according to MPAA standards as closely as possible. 

And now, for your reading pleasure... 

"Entrance Exams" Kellie Petersen is determined to join Starfleet and become a starship engineer. (Enterprise short story, G)

"Passings" An accident in the engine room leads to two crew deaths, and Kellie Petersen learns what might have been. (Enterprise short story, G)

"The Third Charles Tucker" A spatial rift and a body switch confounds the crews of Columbia and Atlantis. (Enterprise novelette, G)

"That's What Friends Are For" The decades-long friendship between Jennara Stadi and Dareth begins with a day in the park. (Journey short story, G, 2011)

"The Courtship of Alden Sumner" A Starfleet Intelligence operative's new assignment is one he'd rather not perform: keeping eyes on one of their own. (Journey short story, G, 2004)

"The Beginning of a Beautiful Lie" Myrian Anil becomes acquainted with the charismatic Alden Sumner, completely oblivious to his hidden agenda. (Journey short story, G, 2004)

"Vice and Virtue" Serutian Hale is playing catch-up: With her studies; with her understanding of life's little ironies; and, mostly, with the handsome captain sitting across the room in her Advanced Tactical Training class. That doesn't mean, though, that the young Trill will go down without a fight. (Journey novelette, PG-13, May 2003; crossover with Joseph Manno's Star Trek: Liberty)

"Just Call Me Scotty" After being rescued by the crew of a new Enterprise, Montgomery Scott becomes a man of leisure...but finds himself wondering what to do next. (Original Series/Next Generation vignette, G)

"Blue Angel" In the aftermath of a devastating battle, one survivor begins the long road to recovery. (Messenger novelette, G, 2011)

"Dead or Alive" Bounty hunters Beatrix Knight and Jodhaa Ra'kir start off the day by catching their quary...and end it in a nightmarish battle with a deadly assassin. (Lyriq/√Čtoile Cheval novelette, Pg-13, August 2011)

"Peace Offering" A brief conversation between Admiral Tattok and Captain Natale about the upcoming mission in Cardassian space. (Sanctuary vignette, G, January 2011)

"Acceptable Losses" Captain Dominic DeLuca and the crew of the U.S.S. Messenger respond to a distress call from a fellow Starfleet ship only to find themselves embroiled in a mysteryand if they can't solve it, the danger it represents could impact the entire Alpha Quadrant. (Messenger novelette, G, 2011) 


"Sanctuary" Captain Natale and some of her crew arrive at Empok Nor... though not long after, some neighbors come calling. (Sanctuary/Columbia/Triumph short story, G, January 2011)

"Frenemies" Sanctuary's first "staff meeting" is rife with tension. (Sanctuary vignette, G, January 2011)

"The First Volley" Natale and Kirek square off for the first time ... but definitely not the last. (Sanctuary vignette, G, January 2011)

"Frustration" Natale records a few logs detailing some of the troubles she's faced as Sanctuary's commander. (Sanctuary vignette, G, February 2011) 

"Encounters" A stopover on Sanctuary begins with two interesting meetings for Trident's Rogan Enek. (Sanctuary/Trident vingnette, G, February 2011)

"Connections" A hard lesson is learned by a young ensign, while Rogan and Kelley each share a truth about themselves. (Sanctuary vignette, G, February 2011)

"Starting Over" Jodhaa Ra'kir, former bounty hunter, seeks a new life among the stars as a freighter captain. With a Federation Marine and a woman with an unknown past for her crew, the future promises to be anything but boring. (Lyriq novella, PG-13, May 2011)

"I'm All Right" Jodhaa recounts her first adventure as captain to her former boss and mentor, and does her best to assure Beks that she's recovering well after their terrible loss. (Lyriq/√Čtoile Cheval vignette, G, February 2015)

"From the Shadows" Admiral Tattok's arrival at Sanctuary is accompanied by an attempt on his life and betrayal by a long-time friend. (Sanctuary/11th Fleet short story, PG, March 2011)

"Addition, Subtraction, and Sabotage - Part One" Natale imparts some information to the crew that doesn't go over well. (Sanctuary vignette, G, April 2011)

"Choice and Consequence" Roijiana confronts Zram about his dislike of her, and the two have a heated argument. (Sanctuary vignette, G, Aprill 2011)

"Wandering Thoughts" Jordan Kelley's mind is troubled as he contemplates his feelings regarding one of the crew ... and Rogan Enek. (Sanctuary vignette, G, April 2011)

"Parting Sorrow" Jordan and Enek's parting is bittersweet. (Sanctuary/Trident vignette, G, April 2011)

"On the Verge" Admiral Tattok faces off against two Cardassian commanders as well as some members of his own crew. (11th Fleet short story, PG, May 2011)

"The Escape" A mysterious Maquis ally helps Rkasi Cen escape before he can be hauled away to prison. (Sanctuary/Triumph short story, PG, May 2011)

"Exit Strategy" The Maquis ship that escaped from Sanctuary with Starfleet officer-turned-criminal Rkasi Cen is chased down by the Columbia, and one of the prisoners shows that he still has a trick or two up his sleeve. (Columbia short story, PG, May 2011)

"Emotional Lessons" Commander Silmar's son learns valuable lessons on emotions and mistakes. (Columbia short story, G, May 2011)

"Machinations" Admiral Tattok arrives on Cardassia to find himself targeted by another admiral who sppears to be after his position as commander of the 11th Fleet. (11th Fleet vignette, G, June 2011)

"Retaliation" The True Way movement on Cardassia makes a bold move. (11th Fleet short story, PG, June 2011)

"Interview with a Saboteur" SCIS officer Andon Vehl interviews sabotage suspects. (Sanctuary short story, G, June 2011) 

"Spies, Traitors, and Secrets" Tattok makes a few changes to try and get the 11th Fleet in order. (11th Fleet vignette, G, June 2011)

"Addition, Subtraction, and Sabotage - Part Two" The saboteur is caught at last when he makes his biggest mistakethreatening harm to the only child of Eton Kirek. (Sanctuary short story, PG, June 2011) 

"Hunting Grounds" The crew of the U.S.S. Wolfsong is sent on special assignment to stop the slaughter of innocents. (Wolfsong novella, PG, 2011)

"Expressing Concerns" Ambassador Sanbo arrives on Sanctuary, and Kirek voices some of his concerns about Starfleetsuch as whether or not they will defend his people. (Sanctuary novelette, G, June 2011)

"Memorable Days" After a trip to a tactical seminar, a couple of surprises await Jordan Kelley upon his return to Sanctuary. (Sanctuary/Trident novelette, G, July 2011) 

"Bittersweet Victory" Good news reaches Admiral Tattok about the fate of Starfleet officers taken captive by True Way ... but there's also bad news. (11th Fleet vignette, G, July 2011) 

"Just Friends, Nothing More" Trouble on the Trident causes tension on SanctuaryCaptain Natale is forced to lay down the law to Eton Kirek and Jordan Kelley is forced to come to terms with his feelings for Trident's first officer. [Note: This story takes place during "The Trouble With Women".] (Sanctuary/Trident short story, G, July 2011)

"Pride and Prejudice" Columbia's crew learns about the liaison program, which doesn't sit well with tactical officer Rokha Tyrel. His dislike of Cardassians means having one on board will prove a challenge, both to his ability to remain professional and Captain Regan's ability to remain patient with his attitude. [Note: The opening of this story takes place before "The Trouble with Women", while the majority of it takes place after.](Columbia short novel, PG-13, July 2011)

"The Trouble With Women" Alok is sent on a rescue mission and finds himself in perhaps one of the most complicated positions of all: a man falling in love for the very first time. (Sanctuary/Ireland/Wolfsong novella, G, July 2011)

"Hard Truth" All the twists, turns, and bad luck Tattok has been through in recent months forces him to make a tough decision. (11th Fleet vignette, G, July 2011)

"The Proposal" Valerie Markham does her best to run the 11th Fleet in Tattok's absence. Meanwhile, one young officer looks to the future. (11th Fleet short story, G, August 2011)

"Return to Duty" Admiral Tattok returns to command the 11th Fleet once more, and Valerie Markham says her goodbyes to Cardassia. (11th Fleet short story, G, August 2016)

"Redeployment" Tattok learns that Starfleet Command and the Federation Council have designs on possibly disbanding the 11th Fleet—and he's already being reassigned. (11th Fleet vignette, October 2017)

"Until Next Time" Desperate times call for desperate measures, as the old saying goes. Twenty-two officers are pulled from the Ireland crew to serve aboard old ships that have been spent time as floating museums, including first officer Naoki Sulu. (Ireland vignette, PG, November 2016)

"For Which It Stands" Newly minted captain Naoki Sulu finds out which old ship will be hers and prepares for another tour of duty. [Note: This story begins in February and ends in July.](Republic novelette, G, February 2018)

"A Selfish Man" Brought back to life by futuristic technology, Joe Carey faces a choice: go back to Voyager ... or go home. (Voyager novelette, G, May 2001)

"Changes" A seasoned captain and a new XO. An ion storm with incredible destructive power. A senseless tragedy. These things and more await the crew of the U.S.S. Journey on her maiden voyage. (Journey novella, PG, 2000)

"Merry Olde England" A brief conversation between two of Journey's officers, who discover they have something in common. [Note: This story takes place during "Changes," on the first evening after the ship's launch.](Journey vignette, G, 2000)

"The Village" The first planet Journey surveys on their mssion in Sector 380 holds more than one surprise for the crew. (Journey short story, PG, 2000)

"First Blood" A mission of mercy turns deadly, and deception is discovered in a member of the crew. (Journey novelette, PG, 2000)

"New Responsibilities" A brief conversation piece where Captain Hale gives Dareth specific responsibilities. (Journey vignette, G, 2000)

"There Comes a Time" Jean-Luc Picard ponders the path of his future after receiving a personal request from Starfleet's Commander-in-Chief. (The Next Generation vignette, G)